Lexus refines its RC F for 2020 and reserves a surprise


Lexus used the Detroit showcase to present the latest version of its RC F.

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Under the hood, the changes are minimal. We continue to find an atmospheric 5.0-liter V8. Power and torque are now 472 horsepower (plus 5 and 395 lb-ft (6 more).

As for the automatic transmission of eight gears, it is identical to the one we know.

To achieve 96 km / h, it takes only 4 seconds when the gun start mode is activated.

Enhanced in every detail, RC F has been relieved thanks to, among other things, the use of aluminum in the manufacture of suspension brackets, as well as reducing the size of the intake manifold and the air conditioning compressor.

RC F is now equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

Aesthetically, the changes are minor. However, their headlights and bonfires were slightly reworked.

Track editing

Because it's never enough, Lexus added it by unveiling the RC F Track Edition.

To increase aerodynamic support, Lexus has fitted this version of the RC F with an air intake at the front and a fixed rear wing. Both are made of carbon fiber.

Overall, weight was significantly reduced. The manufacturer estimates that, once in the balance, it has a weight of 160 to 180 kilos smaller compared to the old coupe RC F.

It is mounted on 19-inch BBS wheels whose design is inspired by the RC F race that features in the GT3 series.

This Track edition also benefits from Brembo's carbon and ceramic brakes.

Once on board, we noticed the red leather-finished cabin and the decorated Alcantara seats.

No modifications were made to the engine.

As for the color of the body, we have the choice between white and matte gray.

The price of RCF and RC F Track Edition is not currently known.


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