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La dernière mise à jour pour les PC Surface règlerait les gros soucis du Book

Mieux vaut late than never. Microsoft has decided to finally release a new firmware for the revision of its souls which has to be read by Surface Book 2 after the months of Juin Dernier. Problems that have not been seen with the depletion of the newspaper print (plus summer) and the impact on the configuration and capacity of the graphic card present in the clavier part.
For the sake of rappel, I would like the GeForce GTX 1060 card to be added, plus the one for Windows 10, requiring you to redirect the machine (in croisant les doigts) or to launch a material detection in the panneau système.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

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Correctly permeture to correct the important throttling problems encountered by the Book processor, which only has 15 or 13 pieces.

Tablettes, hybride, PC portable: a meilleure gestion de la batterie annoncée

Well that does not concern for the performance or stabilization souls, beaucoup d'autres appareils no ciblés para cette mise à jour. This is where Surface Pro 4, Pro 5, and Pro 6 tablets are also available from Microsoft Laptop and Laptop 2.

Machines for the redmonds improve the management of the batter, which should translate into an endurance increase. You have been attending the gagner des heures d'autonomie. It was just about minutes from me and meilleur des cas.

You will find a particular feature for a client to install the new firmware, Ce dernier devrait apparaître sur Windows Update, more if you have a good time to go to the main, you have to find out about the indications of the lien in the source.

Source: Support Microsoft Surface

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