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Many of you are still afraid of running out of electricity. So in France, you had less than 2% to sign a purchase order for a "clean" car in 2018. But things must move. More than tax incentives, it is an increasingly expanded and especially compelling offer that could make sales take off. Just like its cousin Hyundai Kona Electric, this Kia e-Niro certainly should contribute because this Korean SUV has more than one asset in its backpack.

Sense of welcome

The first? That of appearing like an almost normal car. In fact, in addition to very small aesthetic details, it does not look at all different from its hybrid and rechargeable hybrid siblings. He also shares with them the same sense of hospitality with space in the front and back, a safe with an acceptable volume (260 dm3, such as the Niro plug-in hybrid) and even the famous 7-year / 150,000 km "home" warranty that also covers the lithium-ion polymer battery and electric machine. But above all, the e-Niro announces a comfortable autonomy. Therefore, we verify this with the help of our rigorous protocol certified by ISO 9001.

From this perspective, it is almost impossible to differentiate e-Niro from hybrid versions.
From this perspective, it is almost impossible to differentiate e-Niro from hybrid versions.© Alex Krassovsky

2 hours maximum motorway

If you do not travel in real life the 455km promised by Kia on average, or the 615km of the city (WLTP cycle), e-Niro can, with its large battery of 64 kWh, already take you away. Not taking the road where, like all electric, the Korean quickly confesses its limits (measured 244 km of autonomy). Under these conditions and due to a single report (without a gearbox), its 150 kW (204 hp) electric motor runs at full speed and quickly drinks all the available "juice". Count a little more than 2 hours of driving before going to the charging station.

400 km in electric … in the city

But on the road and more in the city, driving more than 400 km without refueling is not a fantasy. Thus, it is possible to carry out the return journey of work at home every day of the week without recharging every day, ie the possibility to carry out (mixed city / road route) from Monday to Friday 80 km per day. Not bad, as long as you do not forget several elements.

To lead, e-Niro is nice despite its high mass. His grip is childish.
To lead, e-Niro is nice despite its high mass. His grip is childish.© Alex Krassovsky

The influence of climate

First, the outside temperature. In cold weather, this affects the battery. And in the summer, it's the air-conditioning, which consumes energy, despite the use of a heat pump, which also mines kilometers. But the most important thing is to direct the attitude. Like a thermal car, e-Niro will go further if you are not a nervous mushroom.

To help, this SUV offers several driving programs, the most relevant of which is undoubtedly the Eco mode.. And like any electric car, it recovers energy thanks to the regenerative braking that comes into action as soon as the accelerator is released. This function is also configurable. Be careful with the dosage of the brake pedal, which is sometimes spongy at the beginning of the race and brutal at the end..

Good autonomy but no miracle for cooldown, still long.
Good autonomy but no miracle for cooldown, still long.© Alex Krassovsky

Calm tightening

E-Niro is still a good companion. In addition to the charms of an electric car with monastic silence on board and flash accelerations, thanks to the immediately available torque, the engine has a reassuring handling, despite its high weight and driving comfort in suitability. Compared to the Kona electric, it is even better with a front-wheel train that digests less difficult torque influx and also has more reassuring braking distances. The tires of our test model are probably no strangers: Michelin Primacy 3, against the low rolling resistance of Hankook green for the Kona. Nicely, the e-Niro is a classic SUV. Tempting.

The regenerative braking level is adjustable.
The regenerative braking level is adjustable.© Alex Krassovsky

Extension Recharge

However, if its autonomy convinces, this Kia is not a miracle at the time of the collection and must be armed with patience to make the "full". This is already prohibitive for those who would like to go on extended weekends or holidays on the other side of France. The other obstacle to buying e-Niro 64 kWh is obviously its price. Admittedly, the green bonus of € 6,000 deducted, shows a still high but not indecent rate (€ 36,500 and up to € 32,500 with the small battery version of 39.2 kWh). But that's already a good amount for a car that still does not offer the flexibility of using these hybrid siblings.


Commercial name Kia e-Niro Premium (64 kWh) (2019)
power 204 hp
couple 395 Nm
streaming Av
Type of carton car
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