Jeff Bezos divorce, the richest man in the world: he and his ex-wife agreed


After his divorce, American billionaire Jeff Bezos will keep the family treasury safe: controlling the couple's actions in the Amazon. His future ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos, announced on Twitter on Thursday that he would leave him at the end of his separation of 75% of the securities currently held by the couple. Therefore, it holds 25% of the shares they hold together, or 4% of all Amazon shares, which represents about $ 36 billion at the share price on Thursday in the middle of the meeting.

It also gives Jeff Bezos all the voting rights in all his actions.

According to a document sent to the stock market authorities, divorce papers were filed Thursday in court and the procedure should be finalized in about 3 months.

MacKenzie Bezos also plans to sell to Jeff Bezos all the actions that the couple holds in their own name in the Washington Post and Space company Blue Origin.

The unexpected announcement of the couple's split in January after 25 years of marriage has raised many questions about how to divide their fortune, estimated at about $ 150 billion by Forbes magazine, and how to control a company currently valued at $ 890 billion in stock market, of which it still holds 16%.

MacKenzie Tuttle, from her birth name, met Jeff Bezos in 1992, before founding what became an online business empire.

Jeff Bezos, after having retweet the message of his wife, has in another message thanked "your support and kindness during this process."


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