It rents very high and the presence is very low: twenty signs leave Bruxells docks



Tennis salesman Take-off, Blooming florist and IU pharmacy will close in the next few days.

Docks Bruxsel changes the face. Shoppers have probably noticed: lately, many stores have closed their doors. From the supermarket phosphor in clothing stores IKKS sections of men and children, through JBCThey all passed the key under the doormat. In the coming days, about twenty other brands should follow suit. If the value is not yet confirmed by the Docks management, inaccessible on the spot, the traders confirm the discomfort.

The tennis seller Take-off will open for the last time tomorrow Saturday, as will the florist flourishing, in full liquidation. The drugstore IU will remain active until next Thursday while the shoe store BRO is in liquidation for one month. Twice as good, Neuhaus and Scotch and Soda would also be on the list.

If the manager of a store in total settlement evokes personal problems, the others clearly point to very high rents compared to the weekly mall frequency. "We tried to negotiate with the mall, but the owners did not want to hear us, it was inconclusive."

Several traders explain this low participation of young people in the Docks Bruxelles: "It's a new purchase, it's only two and a half years, it has to be at least three or four years to stabilize and for now, it's clear that it still does not work." The manager of another store confirms: "There is passage on the weekends, but the week is not enough."

This wave of outflows can also be explained by another factor: the shopping center is in the process of renewing the leases of its renters. After two years of life at the Bruxsel Docks, some shops decided to go on to new adventures. "20 to 30% closing, it's normal for a mall, especially since other brands like Action or Carrefour would be ready to rent facilities", says a manager whose store will close soon.


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