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Incredible story: a Belgian family goes to Morocco and finds the murderer of little Théa


The killer had been convicted by the Liège court in 2011. He flew to Morocco, where he lived seven years near the city of Tetouan (photo). The grandparents, Aunt and mother of Thea were able to locate him and went to Morocco in April, where, with the help of a lawyer, they went to a judge.

This is a story worthy of a Hollywood movie that reveals HD in your head this Tuesday morning. A Belgian family managed to secure the arrest of the Théa killer, a two-year-old boy killed in November 2005 on his birthday in Morocco, 14 years after the events.

By the end of 2011, Mounir Kiouh had been sentenced by the Liège Court of Appeal to 15 years in prison for taking the life of his girlfriend's daughter. Absent in his own trial, he flew five days later to Morocco, where he lived for seven years under a false name, without ever worrying about Belgian justice.

Revolted by the inefficiency of justice, Théa's mother, aunt and grandparents decided to act on their own. By the end of 2018, they contacted people who knew where the killer was, DH says. A few months later, in April, they went to Morocco, in the city of Tetouan, with a Moroccan lawyer. They sought the help of Moroccan justice and police. Last Friday, Mounir Kiouh was summoned by the police and deprived of his freedom.

Yesterday finally came the time when the family was waiting seven years and that the Belgian justice could never bring them: the Moroccan investigation judge has decided to indict Mounir Kiouh for the murder of a minor child and put him under arrest warrant . The man will not be extradited to serve his sentence in Belgium and should try again in Morocco. Thea's mother could see her daughter's killer. He did not change according to her, always "cold and full of himself". As for the family, now that justice has been (re) done, no doubt it will be able to advance now. Thea's mother, 37, has 4 children and a whole future to build for them.

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