Increase 1.1% to 450,000 employees


The signing of collective agreements is scheduled for early July, Setca said in a statement. Christian union is more cautious, insisting on the important step of presenting the protocol on different bases.

The text will be refined in a new meeting scheduled for Tuesday. It will not be new negotiations, but discussions about the modalities of execution, says the Setca.

Patrons and unions reached an interprofessional agreement at the end of February. Despite the rejection of the FGTB, the government maintained the 1.1% salary standard and collective bargaining agreements were concluded within the National Labor Council for the implementation of the remainder of the agreement.

In addition to increasing purchasing power, the protocol provides for the possibility of conversion to an equivalent benefit. A business agreement on the subject should be signed before the end of September in those that include a union delegation. In others, workers should be informed of a possible conversion, also before the end of September. Whatever the equivalent advantage for the years 2019-2020, it must be recurrent and therefore continue from 2021, specifies the Setca.


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