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In the bistro with the actors of "A wonderful family"

"In the Beaumont family, with a terrine and a dose of white, everything is organized and life goes on. This mantra pronounced the day after the announcement of the end of Alexandre Thibault's" A Formidable Family ", which interprets his son-in-law Juliano in the series , challenged us, and we accepted the word.

After 26 years of loyal service, the TF1 saga will end at the end of its 15th season, which starts on Monday at 9pm. The reason: Bernard Le Coq decided to stop the adventure after the death of Joël Santoni, the creator of the series, disappeared in April. Anny Duperey, the other star, refused to continue without his game partner, so we decided to arrange a match with the main actors. Rendez-vous was taken last Monday "Au bistrot" (yes, that's the name of the establishment), at the foot of the Parisian newspaper – Today in France, a few steps from the Eiffel Tower.

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From the first arrivals, it's a kiss, it's a mess. "I'm exhausted," admits Anny Duperey. "Between the promotion of the series, my photographic exhibition in Boulogne and my readings at the Edouard VII theater from next week (Editor's note: she will read your novel Cats of Chance until the end of the year). But Bernard, did we drink a shot anyway? Take some bubbles, "launches the sparkling actress 71 years old arriving at 17:30.

First articles in 1992

The crash of the champagne cork launches hostilities. "It's so much fun watching the little ones," says Bernard Le Coq, 68, hugging comedians Cécile Caillaud, Geoffrey Sauveaux, Marie Sambourg, Alexandre Thibault and Kamel Belghazi, who play their sons and sons-in-law on the show. . Jennifer Lauret and Romeo Sarfati, the interpreters Frédérique and Nicolas, the other two children, unfortunately can not be with us tonight.

Émé, Cécile Caillaud, who plays Audrey, the oldest of the brats, came with a small treasure: the first articles of the Parisian "A Wonderful Family", published in 1992 and stored in a plastic bag. "That's where it all began," she says, showing them to her castmates. The eyes get wet for a moment, then the conversation continues, the elbows on the zinc.

Between two anecdotes, Anny Duperey chokes on a slice of sausage from a plate of cold meats and cheeses. She burst out laughing. "Well, that would have pleased Joel (Editor's note: Santoni) eating with elegance, "laughed the actress." She's a country girl, you have to excuse her, "jokes Bernard Le Coq.

"My first scene with Anny, I had the chips, he admits." But she took me in. I was trying to start my career for 20 years, he says, eliciting the hilarity of family. I thought with her, I had a chance to be noticed. "

"The original title was The big decisionsreveals the interpreter of Julien. During the filming of the first season, the spirit of the troop was so strong that Joel changed the name to rename the series. A wonderful family. "At the time, we did not like suites," recalls Anny Duperey. "It was a silly thing, but one day at the canteen we thought, we love each other so much, why not continue? "

Large tables

Around the table, it's a stern room between Alexandre Thibault and Geoffrey Sauveaux, brothers-in-law. Tutelaries, Anny Duperey and Bernard Le Coq, are the chairmen of the group, and they are the leaders of the group. and keep reminding you how much the "Family" was shaped in the image of its creator, Joel Santoni.

Among the most salient facts: the love of cooking and good wine. "Joel loved to get great tables," says nostalgic Kamel Belghazi, the interpreter for his son-in-law Nourredine. "On the set, we eat the real black-legged ham in Spain with 500 bales per slice," says Marie Sambourg, who plays Manon. "It was twice his salary," laughs Alexandre Thibault.

Because with Joël Santoni, it is not a joke with gastronomy. "There was a scandal over a blanquette that contained carrots and peas," recalls Bernard Le Coq. As a blanquette, it's white! This was unacceptable. We must have real battles in life and we were on the front line, "the patriarch amuses himself.

"There were so many meals during filming in gourmet restaurants that I had to make Joel believe that I had a lover not to go at all," says Alexandre Thibault again. But the award for the best anecdote in the culinary series goes to Anny Duperey: "Joel convinced me to drink a plum at the end of a meal at Taillevent (Editor's note: Parisian two-star restaurant). I came out and it was horrible, but I threw up a smi … Blue lobster, truffles … everything happened there. "

"It's completely stupid"

These many meetings around a table kept the complicity of the troupe. "Bernard's jokes are also top-notch," amusing Marie Sambourg. Heated, his father on television begins: "I like to eat spicy, but not at the same time." Splashing, the silence settles in and suddenly everyone erupts in laughter. "The bide jokes, Jean Carmet, we love with Joel."

The improvisation of actors has naturally taken more and more space on the screen as the seasons pass by. "They often tell me about a cult scene," says Anny Duperey. Well, I wrote! Catherine had just learned a new misunderstanding from her husband and the script said, She leaves unhappy. There I say to myself: CIt is completely with. I'm on a desert island, my husband cheated on me, I do not regret it. No, I'll cut your balls with a cutter, grill them on the grill and make them eat! Joel kept the idea and jumped on it. For the stage to fall, he was blindly trusting us. In the end, in addition, he did not even write them anymore. "

Obviously, the series parade is not trivial for this group of happy lurons. "We knew this was going to happen one day," says Marie Sambourg. "It seems to me that this last season is a beautiful finale. It speaks of love to the end," concludes Bernard Le Coq. And as on the first day, this is essential.



In the set of the last season of the series / LP / Jean-Baptiste Quentin

It starts strong tonight on TF1 for this final season of "A Great Family": the first scene, we find Catherine Beaumont (Anny Duperey) imprisoned! We went back in time to understand how she got there.

Newcomer Alexandra Vandernoot plays Florence, a lawyer Catherine met on a trip and will help her in her divorce petition. Because yes, Catherine wants to separate from Jacques (Bernard the Rooster). Spread across many countries, members of the Beaumont tribe will gather to face these difficult times.

Note that Christine (faithful family friend) is no longer played by Julie de Bona (who gave birth to her first child at the time of filming), but by Sabrina Seyvecou. As for Marie Sambourg, who embodies Manon, we will only see him, the actress is also a young mother.

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