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immune cells to be read from the envelope of maladies

Immune cell cells do not have connectors for a notorious organism defense roll. From the American chercheurs, they have a faux allié. Dans Journal of Experimental MedicineThese monitors have an ensemble of immune cells favoring the degeneration of neurons.

Two protein proteins from Alzheimer's maladie

In Maladie d'Alzheimer, two proteins have no implication. The Tau proteins, the neuron architecture readings, the abnormal man-made behavior, and the beta-amyloid proteins, the plaques in the cervix of the personnes maladies. The debut of the maladie, the parties with the cervix, the readings to the memoire, which the touchers do, the petit to the petit, and the gradations that spread.

Une relation to double tranchant

The microglie de fi nes an ensemble of cells that constitute the immune defense of the central nerve system. Previous recessions on the part of those participating in limiting the formation of the toxin forms of the protein Tau dans la maladie d'Alzheimer. Some results in the past, but in the other etude, but the American cherries are the source of the relationship between microglie and Alzheimer's.

Brain break lesions microglie

L 'team of filling the lock sur des souris genétiquement modifiées. The first accumulations of proteins Tau apparaissent vers l'âge de 6 mois chez les rongeurs malades, puis les léions cerérbrales a 9 moes. At the rate of six months, the cherries on the selection are certain animals to which they administer a substance which decreases the microglie. At 9 months ago, I found that the souris qui n'avaient rien had a cerveau plus réduit than the autres. Selon eux, the presence of the microglie is necessary to the apperition of the brain lesions in the maladie of Alzheimer's.

"La microglie enténe la dégénérescence", affirms Yang Shi, l'étude principal lute. The product is used by the sourcers in a convenient way to the administration by the l'humain, plus the chercheurs are expected to develop an envelope. "If there are a few troubles with a drug that is specifically active in the micropsy of the neurodegeneration phase of the maladies, the cell test results in the home," concludes the director of the study, David M. Holtzman .

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