Tuesday , September 21 2021

Ikea is entering the second-hand market

IConnoisseur of Ikea hypermarkets, these warehouses surrounded by gigantic car parks that have sprung up around the world and in which we often find it difficult to find our way, can get a little confused. It is true that the front of this “Ikea” dedicated to second-hand products is adorned with the famous blue and yellow logo, the colors of Sweden. The hallways are also marked by the brand’s great classics, with names sometimes unpronounceable, but which today furnish millions of interiors, such as the Kallax shelves, the Lövet table or the Poäng armchair. “We have the same presentation and the same communication as a normal store, so that customers feel at home”, swears Jonas Carlehed, responsible for the sustainable development of Ikea Sweden. But here there is no need for an orientation plan or furniture assembly: the sales area is only seventy-two square meters, and the pieces are ready for use, as they already have an owner. “

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