Thursday , October 21 2021

"I hate my body": Adam, -84 pounds, says "what's not often said" about extreme weight loss


This is a testimony that contrasts with some stories of incredible transformations. Adam is 21 and lost 84 pounds. He decided to tell "what we do not often say" about these extreme weight losses. Two years ago, the young man decided to undergo a vertical gastrectomy (surgical technique that consists of removing part of the stomach) in order to end obesity, after having, as explained in a topic on Twitter, everything tried: "Different diets, sports, day hospital, etc., in short, I gave up as nothing worked". His story was picked up especially at the Huffington Post.

"I found the desire to live again"

The young man, who reached 174 kg, was operated in June 2016, shortly before turning 19. He lost weight very quickly. At first, he was already relieved by 40 pounds. "I felt thin [mince, ndlr] while I was still obese, but the eyes of others have already changed and I found the desire to live "he explains.

A new feeling while he says he has always been obese: "I have always suffered with the eyes of others, of daily life, family, exterior, medicine, grossophobia". Adam feels good during this phase: "All my life I've been told that I would stop being depressed when I lost weight, so I had always matched my weight loss with my mental and mental state, I began to feel beautiful, to find clothes for my size, to be more open to others ", he describes.

No follow up

He continues to lose weight, to reach, at the end of the school year, the weight of 100 kilos. There are 74 pounds lost in less than a year. During all this time, he receives no follow-up, neither psychological nor nutritional, he confided. "I did not care because I felt great, all the stores were making my clothes, people no longer had that look of disgust and / or pity when they talked to me, I finally figured out what it was like to stop being grosso-phobic."

"The impression of seeing a stranger in the mirror"

Adam lost another 10 pounds, to reach the weight of 90 pounds. During what he describes as a "first phase," Adam is like a cloud, "released from a weight"as he writes. Until he meets "alone in front of himself"when he went to work abroad. He says that he isolated himself, that he did not have that "pride look" on himself. "It's a strange feeling because, literally, I did not recognize myself, I even cried like a stranger in the mirror, it's really impossible to explain unless you live."

An unhealthy relationship with food

On the one hand, without accompaniment, the young man did not learn to eat properly. He explains that he has to vomit when he eats too much and "an unhealthy relationship with food"On the other hand, losing weight has not been enough to cure mental health problems. "What kills me is how, in the eyes of everyone, I am a normal person and no one realizes how much I hate my body, how it is deformed and at the same time I feel horrible to think because it is based on grossophobia", he says, estimating that the medical profession has let him think that his weight loss would be enough to "cure his depression".

"It is sad that many people are more or less in my testimony"

In addition, his impressive weight loss left visible traces: "Striae in 50% of my body, excessive excess of skin on the limbs and belly". Adam will undergo reconstructive surgery.

Adam, who first thought he was going to delete his tweet at one point, decided to abandon him. He received many messages of support. "I did not expect all the attention and I'm happy, even though it's sad that many people are more or less in my testimony."

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