"I am a victim," says Houssem-Eddine B. (19), the driver who killed Dariana (30) in a pedestrian crossing


It was the person who opened the door personally when we called his house. He did not seem to really faint but rather upset, he came up to us with his cordless earbuds marked for the apple bolted to his ears …

We asked him from the beginning how he had decided to drive with passengers on board when his provisional license did not allow, and he said: It was already night, and after night, what happens is that my friends were very, very strong, alcoholics and I was sober, had not drunk, had not smoked, I did not do anything special. (…) I got the wheel and I think I made a mistake and here "…

"I'm a victim"

He explains his fatal overtaking by the right (though strictly prohibited by our highway code). "I'm a victim," he then released. Your father also spoke.

Houssem-Eddine B. was released after his hearing at the police station "an hour or two" after the accident in which he had completely hit the pole behind the wheel of which he was.

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"I felt a suffocation in the blood that filled his lungs."

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