Hypertension: for a new treatment? – 04/17/2019


New in management of high blood pressure. A clinical trial has just demonstrated the efficacy of firibastat, a drug belonging to a new class of antihypertensives.

Hypertension is linked to abnormally high blood pressure in the blood vessels. Poorly controlled, it is one of the leading causes of heart attack and stroke. Today, the therapeutic arsenal associated with hygiene and dietary measures (less salty foods, for example) can normalize blood pressure.

Problem, 30% of patients do not respond, or insufficiently available treatments. Hence the need to develop a new class of drugs.

A new target for resistant patients

The firibastat, currently undergoing clinical trials, seems to bring hope to these patients. It targets a new voice of the cerebral renin-angiotensin system, controlled by angiotensin III. The latter is a key peptide whose role is to regulate blood pressure.

One study confirmed the efficacy of this molecule in 254 hypertensive patients with excess weight and high cardiovascular risk. This result is all the more interesting as in other African-American patients, known to be resistant to conventional treatments.

To notice : High blood pressure is the main cause of stroke. Almost one in three adults is worried about France. But half do not know how to suffer from this disease.


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