Hundreds of runners against the connection between Cerexhe-H … (Soumagne)


On Sunday, a trail gathered hundreds of people in the east of the country. The riders mobilized against the creation of a road link between the villages of Beaufays (Chaudfontaine) and Cerexhe-Heuseux, in the town of Soumagne. The link would cross several natural areas.

Through this race, environmental organizers and associations were eager to rediscover the richness of rural landscapes. The course of the jog followed in several points the future course of the link.

The project is not new. According to our RTBF colleagues, it is more than 50 years that the "CHB" archive of Cerexhe-Heuseux-Beaufays splits. Despite the protests, it is still on the agenda of the Li├Ęge mobility plan, which deplores the defenders of the environment.


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