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Huawei has sold over 200 million smartphones dans le monde in 2019

The builder of chinois Huawei announced today with 24 october of the house and the franchise of the bar of 200 million smartphones sold in the world by 2019, a score to the full last year in 2018. Malgré on the tour with the sanctions in the United States here is the interdisent (jusqu'à nouvel ordre) de vendre de nouveaux terminux dotés des services Google, Huawei has never sold autant of phones. Explanations.

According to the recent print, the Chicago builder is in Washington's sanction coup, where Google's demand for a plus collaborator with him. In fact, Huawei has retreated from having a chance to sort out of new smartphones in Google's services, so absolutely indispensable in the West or out of use or Google, Gmail, Google Maps and the Play Store for download applications mobiles.

A new record for Huawei for the forthcoming explanation for a favorable context in Chine, and more generally in Asie, a region for its impact on American political decisions, and for Huawei is the most popular ever.

Plus a smartphone for fifty sold in France is a Huawei

D'Aautre part, Huawei profite d'une notoriété grandissante a peu partout ailleurs dans le monde. The mark is also abnormal with 91% of Français, only a recent survey Ipsos. Huawei is the first to be notified of its smartphone sales in France, claiming to own 22% of the March parts in Notre Pays.

Anyway, Huawei a d son adapter son offre, from the manière to the plus maline possible, by the marché. If you were able to build on your souls, if you would like new ones in Asie, starting with Mate 30, then you will continue to look at the catalog of ailleurs. In order to contourner the interdiction here is the chance to sort out of new products and services Google, Huawei vient for example of lancer in France in a new model, the New 5T, which is in our autre which has an Honor 20 brand, now available de la fameuse, et indispensable, certification Google.

Aujourd'hui, Huawei's products and services have not distributed more than 170 pays.

Pour rappel, Huawei terminates 2018 along with the third largest smartphone vendor in the world, with 203 million members of the United States Selon Gartner, juste derrière Apple (209 M) and Samsung's raisable distance (295 M). The construction of chinois ambition by the designer was the most quickly possible construction of the Sud-Coréen of the premiere place.

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