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Winter is settling down every day a little more. It's colder, darker, more tired, etc. After a colorful summer (and temperatures), how to increase your morale and body to face the winter months.

Simple Slogans or Seasonal Depression?

In many cases, there is a melting pot between seasonal depression and winter blast. It should be noted that, as a winter break, often spontaneousSeasonal depression is characterized by annual recurrence. We must be vigilant because depression is a disease that requires medical attention and appropriate treatment.

O Seasonal depression is characterized by repetitive depressive episodes occurring each year at the same time (usually in the fall / winter). The symptoms are essentially the same as those of a classic depression, namely:

  • one depressed mood or sadness
  • one loss or weight gain
  • one loss of energy
  • of disturbances of concentration, attention or memory
  • one irritability

Come and associate with the so-called vegetative symptoms characterized by hypersomnia (abnormally prolonged and frequent sleep) with consequent decrease in sleep quality, decreased libido or even possible headache.

Winter blows: everyone involved?

The winter slug is actually quite common. So do not panic, it is normal that with climate change and diminishing light, the body will tire faster. However, if symptoms persist and / or recur, medical advice is needed. In fact, it may be a poor diagnosis that requires intervention because it is essential to understand the cause of their malaise.

How to combat a small decline in winter?

It is often advisable to prepare the body. Start with the diet:

  • Prefer a diet rich in zinc: Zinc deficiency affects the cells of the immune system, causing impaired immune function and increased inflammatory risk. Zinc can be found in meat or oysters and sesame seeds.
  • Remember to take vitamin C cures: Ascorbic acid plays a key role in the fight against oxidative stress and fatigue.
  • Do not forget B vitamins : they intervene in the processes of energy production by the cells. In addition, studies have shown the causal relationship between B6 vitamins and good mood. Go ahead! They are found in tomato, beef or honey.

Caution in the case of oral contraceptives: these decrease the absorption of vitamin B6. Ask your gynecologist for advice.

  • Take magnesium: It plays a key role in regulating mood and contributes to normal energy metabolism. Think of water rich in magnesium or chocolate and pulses.

Homeopathic treatments are also advised; Ask your pharmacist for advice.

Remember, this is advice for people in good health; in case of underlying conditions or allergies, consult a health professional.

Our advice

  • Avoid isolating yourself : get out, move, do things that fascinate you, maintain a social and sporting activity during the winter
  • Stay in the sun as much as possible (be sure to protect yourself from bad rays even in winter when the sun is low)
  • Have a good time!
  • Regulate your circadian rhythm (ie its biological rhythm of a duration of 24 hours): have a regular sleep
  • Learn how manage stress


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