How the streamers make a living


Many people wonder if it is possible to stream live and Youtube videos. Many people risk without knowing exactly what they are doing. Few are able to live in it.

The Ninja Case

Ninja, the world's most famous streamer, has reportedly made about $ 500,000 a month. He is now considered one of the most influential people on the planet.

For the launch of the Apex Legends game, the Twitch star would have touched nearly a million dollars to promote the new Electronic Arts game. An astronomical amount that would continue to be a very good investment considering the enormous impact that this could have on the player community …

Ninja, however, remains a separate case. Streamers revenue is mainly related to their fan community. A streamer may well not multiply views but receive very generous donations from its followers. Everything is based on volunteering. The most atypical personalities are usually the ones that stand out best. We will note that the funniest flutes are often the biggest mouths, the funniest or the most annoying.

Various sources of income

If there is no limit to donations, most Internet users usually donate no more than 5 or 10 € per month to their favorite streamers. During a Chain, however, it happens regularly that a generous donor passes and transfers 1000, 10000 or 50000 € – causing at the same time a reaction of the streamer in full play.

Often it is the more generous donors who receive a "reward," such as a public citation or acknowledgment, forcing others to overtake them, which is good for the streamer.

There is another way to make money at Twitch: subscriptions. At a price of $ 5 per month, you can receive exclusive content (emoticons, access to chat at certain times, etc.) thanks to this signature. This income remains the most stable for the streamer. Part of this income is still paid to the Twitch. The largest streamers on the platform (with at least 10,000 subscribers) earn 70% of the value generated by the subscriptions, or $ 3.5. This number multiplied by a minimum of 10,000 gives the sum of $ 35,000 with only monthly subscriptions.

Then comes the advertising revenue. An ad inevitably starts when you start watching a stream, whatever it is (obviously, if you have an ad blocker, that will not be the case, but the streamer will not touch the money you could have won). This ad will allow the streamer to pocke a certain amount of money. Subsequently, he can post ads as he sees fit, for example during a break or at times in his life. Here again, the recipes are very variable, as in donations, because it is the goodwill of the streamer and according to how your community will receive the fact that it launches itself.

And, finally, partnerships, sponsored content or product placement are an integral part of streamers' revenue. And there are many ways to promote an advertiser, whether through social networks, live or with a different sign. Other advertisers ask the streamer to play their game during a sponsored live. You must now specify when a video is sponsored. And with regard to remuneration, everything depends on the contract that was made with the brand or the game, which can be done in the form of a fixed payment with a predetermined value or can be according to the number of live viewers, with a fixed value for a viewer who would grow up as and when. We can imagine that a streamer with more than 10 000 viewers can see the sum increase considerably.

Often in the industry, it is estimated that a streamer has been successful when it manages to generate more than $ 2,000 a month – enough to live off its passion. To get there, the road is long and full of traps. The most popular, however, ensures: streaming is above all a passion and not an end in itself. And this is what often distinguishes professionals and many players who see an opportunity to quickly inflate their bank account …


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