Has Prince William fooled Kate? The crazy rumor that shakes Kensington Palace


According to Nicole Cliffe, Slate's collaborator, Prince William would have been unfaithful to his wife Kate Middleton. Harry, the brother of the future king, would have seriously maligned his elder brother.

According to Nicole Cliffe, Prince William would have deceived Kate with a woman from the royal family entourage, a certain Rose Hanbury, Marquise de Cholmondeley. Several British media reported last month that this longtime friend of the couple and her husband had been banished from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's circle. Still according to Nicole Cliffe, this alleged infidelity is causing great tension between the two princes.

Very upset with his brother, Harry would have said,Infidelity ruined our childhood. How can you have an affair when you have three kids?Some even come to see the source of a certain cold, abundantly described in the press, between the two princely couples, Harry and Meghan and William and Kate.


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