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Golf 8 J-5: Return to Golf II – a concept perfectionné

In 1983, Volkswagen launched the Golf deuxième génération. You are aware of the fact that the 'Golf Generation', which was invented by the Florian Florian Illies for the design of the contemporaries of the vehicle, approves of driving. The fact is that there is a Golf connaît, he aussi, a world succession: at the moment the Golf Mk II is arrêtée, in 1991, Volkswagen avait produit 6.3 million unitsés.

The 'Golf Generation' to nettement plus d 'espace dans la nouvelle Golf. Excerpt from the 1983 Press Release: 'The total length is 170 mm (3.99 m) and the 55 mm (1.42 m) large'. In spite of the important dimensions plus dimensions, Volkswagen is the most significant maneuver of the vehicle: the value of Cx passes from 0.42 to 0.34.

It is generally undeniable that the Golf Mk II is capable of other technical references in the cataloging of compact vehicles. This is the first generation of the introduction of catalytic converters in 1984, of the ABCs (anti-blocking system of routs) in 1986 and of the assisted direction. Golf is generally available for the first premiere with integrated transmission (syncro, 1986). One can understand that the GTI theme is the premier model of the technology of four soups (1986).

In 1988, there is a range of sporting models for the gamma: the Golf G60 Rally, with 160 ch and G-Lader compressor. Just like me, the production of the Golf franchise 10 million bar: a phenomenal result. In 1990, the Golf Country to the integral transmission had an avant-goût of ci which deviendra plus the SUV. From 1991 onwards, the Golf Mk II is not only assembled in Wolfsburg, but also in the new mill of Mosel in Zwickau (Saxe).

Annuels Horns of Golf Mk II:

1983: Golf course release

1984: Première Golf avec convertisseur catalytique
Golf GTI Generation Launched

1985: 7 000 000ème Golf en mars
1986: Première Golf (GTI) with moteur à essence quatre soupapes
Première Golf Syncro with visco-coupleur (transmission integrated)
Golf Syncro, premier Golf avec l'ABS from d´août

1987: ABS available on all models GT and GTI
Catalytic converter generally available for petits moteurs
The Golf GT Syncro has the premier model avec l'ABS series

1988: Golf G60 Rallye Lancement
Golf Gement Limited
10 000 000ème Golf in juin

1989: 11 000 000ème Golf in October
Golf CityStromer and Hybride Golf Lancement

nineteen ninety: all of the Golf models with a motto to the essence of the teams of a catalytic converter from février
Lancement de la Golf Country
1 000 000ème Golf GTI in november
12 000 000ème Golf in november

1991: Première Golf produite à l'usine de Mosel près de Zwickau en mars
Arrêt deuxième génération en Europa de l'Ouest après 6.3 millions d'unités produites

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