From one day to the next, she can no longer hear the voices of men: what is this disease?


EVERYTHING – This happened without warning. According to the Daily Mail, a Chinese woman woke up one morning without hearing any male voices. A condition called "inverted deafness", which affects only a few people in the world.

What Chen experienced is like a nightmare. As she woke up one morning, this Chinese woman living near Xiamen in southeastern China realized that she was utterly unable to hear the voice of her mate. In panic, she goes to the nearest hospital, Qianpu Hospital, where she realizes that her ear is deaf to the voices of all men.

Interviewed by Daily Mail, the specialist otorhinolaryngologist who has heard, says that his patient suffers from a rare disease, called "deafness inverted slope". Very rare, according to the Thigpen Hearing Center in the United States, would only affect one case of deafness of 12,000.

According to the memory of hearing health professional Élise Harster, supported by the University of Lorraine, this pathology is defined by a decrease in hearing at low frequencies, while high frequencies are "relatively well preserved." One of the most common causes is Meniere's disease, which affects the inner ear causing dizziness and tinnitus. During the first phase of the disease, which can last from 5 to 20 years, the patient suffers from seizures that can last for several hours. They can reproduce several times a year or even several times a week. Deafness, especially in the low or medium frequencies, can be installed as seizures.

Certain hereditary genetic mutations may also be responsible for this "deafness of inverted slope". They are, however, very rare. Although little scientific research has been conducted on the subject, two genes, called DIAPH1 and WFS1, have been identified as possibly causing this hearing loss. In both cases, low frequency deafness occurs in a severe form as early as 50 years of age.

This hearing loss can, as is most commonly the case, be corrected using an adapted hearing aid.


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