Freddie Mercury song "Lost" resurfaces



He played solo on the piano. "Time waits for no one"in 1966. 33 years later, we can finally hear it.

Queen's fans have been at the party lately. Launched in our rooms on November 2 Bohemian Rhapsody has become the most acclaimed film biopic of all time, with $ 903 million in worldwide revenue. Proof of the place that the group always occupies in the hearts and ears of the general public.

And that probably explains in part the transmission, on the radio, of a "lost" song by Freddie Mercury, "Time waits for no one". Originally composed by Dave Clark in the 60's for his band, The Dave Clark Five, it was reworked by Freddie Mercury in 1986 for the musical. time.

One version exists elsewhere on the soundtrack of time. But with choirs and an orchestra. While the one that can finally be heard 33 years later, lets listen to the singer alone on the piano. "For the first recording, we went to Abbey Road and did a rehearsal with only Freddie and a pianoDave Clark told the BBC. It gave me shivers. It was magic. So we recorded the song with 48 voice tracks, which had never been done before on Abbey Road, and then the arrangements. It was fabulous, but I still had a twinge of thinking about the original essay. "

This emotion, he wanted to find it. In 2018, after long research, he falls into the grail: the original recordings. It was only to isolate the voice of Freddie Mercury and ask Mike Moran to play the piano piece to find the feelings of 1966. Dave Clark could have surfed the wave of Bohemian Rhapsody, but, on the contrary, preferred to wait to introduce it, so that the music "receive the attention it deserves." Payment strategy: The clip has already seen more than two million fans in a few hours on YouTube.

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