Ford Ranger Raptor, the Badass pickup to conquer Essaouira


The new Raptor Ranger is the strongest and most powerful version of the best-selling pickup in Europe. It will be marketed in Morocco this year. Meanwhile, Ford invited us to test it in the region of Essaouira.

Developed by Ford Performance, the impressive Ranger Raptor is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for excitement. O gauge can in fact face the toughest all-terrain terrain at full speed thanks, among other things, to the bi-turbo version of Ford's 2-liter EcoBlue diesel engine, which produces 213 bhp and 500 Nm of torque and new 10-speed automatic transmission developed by the American manufacturer.

Robust but refined

Built to support terrain out of the road The Ranger Raptor's unique, ultra-tough, high-strength reinforced chassis uses low-alloy, high-strength steels to withstand the "punishments" inflicted by off-road races such as the Baja 1000.

The Raptor's racing suspension was specifically designed to take on terrific terrain at high speeds, keeping the driver in control and comfort. FOX buffers with "Positive Damping Position" provide high damping forces. They promise unparalleled off-road capability, low brutal damping in more moderate conditions, resulting in smoother driving on the road. The BF Goodrich 285/70 R17 off-road tires have been specially developed for the Ranger Raptor. Measuring 838 mm in diameter and 285 mm wide, its design offers a sturdy side wall to confidently withstand the most challenging environments. Its aggressive off-road sculpture also offers grip on a wet surface, in mud, sand and snow.

Impressive at any time

Unveiled in the Ford Performance Blue with Dyno Gray contrasting details, the aggressive design of the new Raptor Ranger performance and functionality. A new spectacular grille inspired by the first high-performance, all-terrain truck, the Ford F 150 Raptor, dominates the space between the Xenon high-intensity discharge headlamps and the front bumper mounted on the frame. With long-lasting performance in the desert, the front bumper also features new LED fog lights with functional air curtain channels to improve airflow.

Front fenders are designed to minimize the damage caused by off-road use, resulting in longer suspension and larger tires. The side steps, on the other hand, were specifically designed to prevent spattering of stones from hitting the back of the truck. They have drainage points for sand, mud and snow.

The DNA of Ford Performance is present throughout the cabin. This translates into quality work, harmonious colors and durable materials for driving scenarios that range from boulevard to high altitude. Upholstered seats are specially designed for high-speed off-road support. They feature a double stiffness cushion for added comfort and suede effect materials for better grip.

Ideal for all types of terrain

ford The Raptor Raptor allows drivers to choose from six Terrain Management System modes to meet a wide variety of terrain and driving scenarios, including:

– Normal mode, emphasizing comfort, fuel economy and maneuverability.

– Sporty, more responsive mode for dynamic driving on the road.

– Grass / Gravel / Snow mode, designed to inspire safe and confident driving on slippery surfaces.

– Mud / Sand Mode, adjusts vehicle response for optimum traction and speed on deeper, deformable surfaces such as sand and mud.

– Rock mode, especially designed for rocky terrain of low speed, where the controllability is fundamental.

– Baja mode, defining reactions to high-speed off-road performance, perfectly adapted to the famous Baja Desert rally.

Ford engineers have thoroughly tested the powerful 2-liter EcoBlue twin-turbo engine and the new Ranger Raptor 10-speed automatic transmission system to ensure durability under the most adverse conditions including the operation of high-pressure turbochargers. and low pressure until they turn red for 200 hours without stopping. Both turbochargers operate in series at lower engine speeds for greater torque and responsiveness. At higher speeds, the larger, lower pressure turbocharger delivers peak power.

About the Morocco, the Ford Ranger Raptor will be marketed from the fourth half of 2019.

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