For Stib, Cancer: "The risk of travelers is minimal", reassures the company


NScab cases were announced at Stib de Haren at the end of October, said Guy Sablon, a spokesman for the public transport company in Brussels on Friday. Health measures were taken directly in consultation with trade unions.

Guy Sablon emphasizes this "For travelers, the risk is really minimal because it maintains a lasting relationship with the itch".

The entire warehouse and the buses it saw had been disinfected on 27 and 28 October. This operation will be renewed within 15 days and within one month.

Measures taken

When the buses are parked, the doors remain open because the mites responsible for the disease do not survive if the temperature drops below 20 degrees, says Guy Sablon. Disposable gloves and overalls were distributed to technicians. All employees were asked to wash their clothes at 60 degrees, or pack them for three days, with the acaricide in the package.

For staff who think they are coughing, seek advice from your doctor. Families of people with illness must also be treated.


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