floods in various regions, lightning strikes in houses, tunnels closed (photos and video)


The storm has arrived in the center in the afternoon. If the storm has not yet caused much damage, a road has been hit by landslides.

Saint-Hilaire Street in Carnières (Morlanwelz commune, photos below) was once again affected by the rains. It had already been flooded last week due to other storms. The water has accumulated rapidly and the situation is getting worse.

TO Souvretthe streets and even a garden were flooded.

Next to Monceau-sur-Sambre, the garage of this family was conquered by the waters.

on Grand Rue, lightning struck two houses. Firefighters rushed to the scene, but no fire is to be deplored.

Brussels: several closed tunnels

The tunnels of Porte de Hal towards the Basilica, Georges-Henri in both directions and the Montgomery tunnel towards Meiser were closed about half an hour late Wednesday afternoon because of heavy rains, Brussels says Mobility on Twitter .

Traffic is also reduced between the Arts-Loi tunnel and the Leopold II tunnel towards the Basilica.

TO NamurInside the station, the water spread, after heavy rains.

A house struck by lightning in Burdinne

Firefighters from the Hesbaye emergency zone had to intervene Wednesday, just before 18:00, in a house located in the Chaussée of Namur in Burdinne (province of Liège). Lightning struck the house, causing a relatively large fire.

At 19:45, the firemen were still there. No injury would be unfortunate.


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