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Femme enceinte au bisphénol exposition pourrait abaisser leurs enfants IQ

American cherishes and methods on the basis of which they are exposed to certain chemical substances in a gross way of affecting the intellectual capacities of their sept ans.

Pour cette étude, chercheurs des universités Icahn Mount Sinai School of Medicine aux États-Unis et de Karlstad en Suède on the mesuré of 26 substances chimiques in the blood and lurine of 718 future sweden or cours of the first quarter of grossesse.

The cherries on on the other hand record the bisphenol A level (which has troubled the plastic food packages and the preserving caps), plus the pesticides, the phthalates, and the chemical substances present in the products of everyday life. Certain of the substances which are not recognized as having properties which may disturb the endocrine system of humans, are to the right of the hormonal activity, and the other factors affecting the hormonal activity of the animal.

Scientists on the effect that they have had on their money and on the other things they have to do until then. Results have been reported, reviewed by the International Environment, which shows that the issues that have been met with the efficacy of the pre-evoked chemical substances in the grossly advanced systems of the intellectually influential individuals. Cet effet semblait aussi plus prononcé chez les waiters que les filles.

The BPF will be donned loet plus the BPA pour les enfants

Lorsque the chercheurs on the analysis of the effects of chemical substances in detainee, on which it has been shown that bisphenol F (BPF), which is a commonly used composition for replacing bisphenol A (BPA), produces the most nephew on IQ enfants. The BPF will be done more than the BPA for the children.

The effects of chlorpyrifos (a pesticide), the perfluorooctanoïques substances (present in the products of the insecticide), the triclosan (the presence of the antibacterial savons) and the phthalates (in the plastics of both the cosmetic and the cosmetic), are also known as alarmants, selon les Chercheurs months.

As a result of our substances chimiques analysis of cours de l'étude n the rest of the corps pending a period of limitation, they explain that the exposition of the court has a small poultry of the effects of the saints, and that it is important that les femmes enceintes, or celles qui cherchent à procréer, essaient d'éviter l'exposition à ces substances.

"Cette étude is an important partner that the plupart des recherches n'evaluent as a substance chimique à la fois, dependent on human beings without exposure to nombreux products chimiques in the same temps, and the expositions multiples by the same nephews even if chaque substance is present a faible dose, "the ajouté l'auteure de l'étude, Eva Tanner.

The scientists who depended on the idea that they had to fill in with a pervasive effect on the cause of the effect of the disease, which had the most ample intakes needed for the demon.

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