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Since 2014, Facebook says why you see some ads. Now the company also wants to explain why some messages are at the top of their news feed.

"Why do I see this message posted on Facebook?" That is the question that the social network wants to answer. The goal is for users to see the issue soon, when they click on the "post" in question in the upper right corner. If they continue to click, they will see the factors that determine why the message appears at the top of your stream. According to Facebook, this is due to the popularity of the messages people, pages or groups followed by the user, the number how often it reacts to videos, photos or links.

Users can also choose to see more or less such posts in their feeds. The fact that Facebook seems to give users a little more control over what they see does not mean that the company gives them the reins completely. For the company, it is still important to specify, for example, the relationship between the public page messages and those of friends.

However, this is the first time that Facebook incorporates information about requests for messages directly on the social network. The company intends to meet the demand for more transparency on the algorithm underlying the flow. The platform is often criticized for facilitating widespread dissemination of fake news and hate messages. Earlier, Facebook had announced that it would give lower priority to messages from the anti-vaccination movement, for example, and that messages would now disappear praising the "white nationalism" of the social network.

More information about the origin of the ads

For more than four years, Facebook has played a similar role, explaining to users why they see specific ads. This function is now expanded. Facebook will also show whether it has received additional information from the advertiser (for example, customers with an email address) and when it was published on the social network. If the advertiser collaborates for this purpose with a marketing agency, this will also be indicated, announces Facebook.

Currently, the new features are not yet active for all users. Facebook does not provide information about the location or date of your deployment.



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