Engine stopped, electricity bill, pension …: everything that changes this March 1


From this Friday, March 1, it will be forbidden to leave the engine switched on in Wallonia.

TLike the beginning of February, the month of March also has its share of changes, impacting the everyday life of the Belgians. Wallonia is particularly targeted by these novelties.

In Wallonia, letting the engine shut off becomes an environmental offense

Starting March 1, 2019, leaving the engine running while stopped will become an environmental crime in Wallonia. This offense will be subject to a fine of 130 euros on immediate collection. Users should be sure to turn off the engine when they are no longer in traffic, such as when they are waiting for their children near schools.

Slight increase in electricity bill in Wallonia

Transport tariffs, one of the components of the electricity bill, will increase by an average of 4.1% in the Walloon region as of Friday, said one of the leaders of Wallon's energy regulator CWape. This increase in tariffs will result in an increase of five euros per year for a residential customer living in the south of the country.

Reduction or even cancellation of the pension solidarity contribution

An additional reduction of the social security solidarity contribution will take effect on March 1. The measure will reduce or even eliminate the contribution to certain categories of retirees.

The solidarity contribution is a progressive social deduction of the total gross amount of pensions, annuities and certain additional benefits. It was created by the Dehaene government in 1994, when the general austerity plan was to prepare Belgium to enter the euro.

This deduction varies between 0 and 2%, depending on the size of the total gross amount and the quality of the pensioner, ie whether he is a member of the family or not.

What will change for Proximus customers?

The operator has announced a redesign of its Pay & Go + offer from Friday. The carrier will offer up to 10 times more mobile data to customers who opt for online charging.


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