Emmanuelle Praet, approached by different parties, explains why she "does not appear in politics"



Speculation has been good since the resignation of Emmanuelle Praet from RTL-TVI.

Many rumors circulated about a possible entry into the former columnist's policy of "it's not every Sunday Sunday." She spoke on Thursday on her Facebook page via a video on YouTube. "Did I make a proposal?" The answer is yes, not the forbidden part, which is where everyone sees me (…) (Editor's note: MischaĆ«l Modrikamen, President of the PP) He did not even call me, he knew he would not. Other parties, on the other hand, called me and made me great proposals. Clear. "

She does not mention names, though. According to our information, the MR contacted Emmanuelle Praet before concluding the arrival of Michel De Maegd. The third place in the Brussels lists for the House would have been mentioned. "When you make good proposals like this, which correspond to your values, you think, I will not lie … Once, twice, three times, you weigh the pros and cons, then you simply say: thank you I have thought of me but no, you know why because I found a serenity away from the cameras. You have 32,000 to follow me on my Facebook page where I can say what I think. I would have been free to do this in a political party Maybe I would have been happy Maybe I'm happy and free now Yes, 100% For these reasons I have decided not to make a career in politics, it's very simple: Emmanuelle does not appear in politics. "


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