Sunday , April 18 2021

Emergency stop strips always overused for the wrong reasons


Police issued 4,809 reports in 2017, mainly in Flanders, for the unjustified use of emergency stop lanes on highways, Interior Minister Jan Jambon said on Tuesday in response to a question. parliamentary.

That's less than in 2016 (5,840 minutes), but more than in 2014 (3,718), he said in an answer to a written question from MP Gautier Calomne (MR).

Most of the infractions were found in 2016 and 2017 in Flanders.

The number of VPs reported in 2017 was 3,672 (76.3%) in the Flemish Region, compared with 1,088 (22.6%) in Wallonia and 49 (1.01%) in the Brussels-Capital Region – where highway network is very limited, "said Mr. Jambon (N-VA).

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