Disguised as Muslims to celebrate the 100 days, these students create controversies (VIDEOS)



The choice of the theme for the party, Saudi Arabia, and especially the disguises of the students, aroused the excitement in the social networks.

Last Wednesday, students at the Melle Catholic School in East Flanders celebrated the last hundred days of their college years. The students had chosen the theme of Saudi Arabia for the occasion. If the choice is not a problem in itself, it is rather the disguises that led the students who raised strong reactions.

After seeing videos posted by students on social networks, several former students were eager to respond and express their dissatisfaction. "It was very disrespectful, painful and racistsaid Lorina, who had attended school before. We have nothing against the subject itself, but why have some introduced themselves as EI fighters? One of them even had an explosive belt".

Contacted by Het Laatste Nieuws, the head of the college wanted to clarify the situation. "There was no intention of causing or injuring anyone, he said, you have to look at it in the atmosphere of the 100 days of celebration".



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