Saturday , October 23 2021

Delhaize, Cora, Lidl or Colruyt will increase their "fresh"


In general, all signs adapt to the habits of the consumers and highlight seasonal products, be they accessories (inflatable pools, fans, parasols) or food.

Increase inventory

In addition to showing these products, supermarkets will increase their stocks: "We will bet on stocks of seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon and melon, but also skewers, umbrellas and accessories for the pool," explains René. Glesner, director of Cora Belux.

Other brands also anticipate: Delhaize, for example, will increase its ice cube stock by 125% and triple its salable volumes. Other products will be plentiful on the shelves, as Karima Ghozzi, Delhaize Communications Manager, explained: "We have 120 tons of planned tomatoes and our stock of sunscreens will also increase."

Colruyt and Lidl will also increase their stock

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