Cyril Hanouna's trousers that make everything seem to create a huge amount of discomfort (VIDEO)


Cyril Hanouna was tonight as always in charge of Do not touch my position live on C8. The show has opened up as in the last days with the sequence of "Christmas Bobbles" to decide the chronicler who will go to Lapland in anticipation of a special Christmas bonus. The troublemaker of 8 announced the program of his show and the arrival of Sophie Tapie for the show, but also Jerome Anthony and comedian Alban Ivanov. But very quickly, it is the just outfit of what the fanzouzes nicknamed Baba, who made his team of reporters react.

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The object of discomfort? The trousers Cyril Hanouna which revealed quite equivocal forms. "It's pretty impressive."observed Valerie Benaim, while Matthieu Delormeau reasoned a little silly:"Pampered everywhere a"It was enough for the troublemaker to let 8 laughs and create a great discomfort live on the C8 stating"I do not have underwear"An impertinent sequence to find in our conversation of zapping up.

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