Saturday , October 23 2021

Cyril Hanouna censored an article he did not like?



According to the reporters, the host would have sent an SMS to the editor-in-chief of Parisien to remove an article about him that should appear on Sunday.

Entitled "The arrival of Cyril Hanouna at the C8 premises worries," the article in question was published on Saturday at the Parisian website – it's still online. It should have been published also in the Sunday edition of the newspaper, but it ended up being removed. According to reporters, the TPMP facilitator allegedly tapped his contacts to prevent publication of the article by contacting the deputy editor.

"In his message, Cyril Hanouna threatens "to do nothing with The Parisian& # 39; and to prevent the owner of the duck family (note: the family of Bernard Arnault, head of LVMH) who has always been nice to him "the trade unions said in a statement released Monday night.

The Society of Journalists denounces, in another internal statement, "with the utmost firmness, which amounts to an unacceptable attack on our editorial independence."

"Hanouna is swollen with arrogance"

Why such discontent? In the article being debated, Le Parisien collected testimonials from C8 officials who fear the band's relocation to Hanouna on the network's premises. "The more things go, and Hanouna is swollen with arrogance. The public sees its friendly side, but behind the scenes is authoritative and blunt. Success is in your head and we, it will fall on us, " an anonymous employee says. But as Libération said, the journalist Michael Zoltobroda also gave the floor to several people who defend the host, whose boss Canal + Gerald-Brice Viset, respecting "the contradictory principle". That did not stop Hanouna from reacting on Twitter (see above).

Asked by Libération, the deputy editor-in-chief of Paris-based Maguelone Bonnaud defends herself for criticizing the article. "It is a professional choice and not censorship, " she responds by explaining that the paper does not belong to the newspaper. "I am against paying Hanouna for free", while acknowledging that the facilitator had contacted her. "Non-conforming articles about it, when substantiated, complete. "


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