Coucke removes provincial Heysel from U13



Anderlecht "reorganizes" its social project: a hundred young people have to look for another club.

Marc Coucke has taken a new decision that will make waves: he eliminated the provincial youth teams Anderlecht between the years 13 and 21, the famous "young Heysel." A good hundred players need to find a new club. In their defense, many other great clubs – like Bruges and Charleroi – do not have more provincial teams.

As soon as Anderlecht arrived, Coucke already wanted to take a drastic step, but agreed to wait a year, considering the social aspect of the project.

The RSCA Brussels Heysel has existed for thirty-one years. In 1988, when Racing Jet Brussels moved to Wavre, Anderlecht showed his good heart by taking over the youngsters from RJ Brussels. Practices and games did not change places: in all their years they were held in the four fields attached to the King Baudouin stadium.

Marouane Fellaini is the biggest name to have played in Anderlecht – Heysel. He used the colors of Sporting between his 7 and 10 years. Then his father moved to Mons for his work, and little Marouane played Albert.

The first objective of the RSCA Brussels Heysel was to employ more than 200 young people and prevent them from crawling on the streets. But from time to time, an interesting player was promoted to an elite team in Neerpede.

Anderlecht believes that in recent years very few Heysel players have had the level of Neerpede. In addition, the transfer rules have been changed. The training allowances are so high that other clubs do not pay more for Heysel's best youngsters. The operation, therefore, is no longer profitable.

But Sporting is formal: it does not give up its social character. "We have a partnership with several clubs in Brussels, which we supports " , says Michael Verschueren, general manager of the club.

Last night, the parents of the players learned the (bad) news through a (positive) message on the club's website.
"From the 2019-2020 season, RSCA Brussels Heysel will focus specifically on the development of young talent in Brussels between 6 and 12 years (5 against 5 and 8 against 8).
In this way, the RSCA Brussels Heysel will invest even more in the recruitment and training of young talent in Brussels.s
without, however, losing sight of the social aspect in these categories of youth. "

Anderlecht also emphasizes that it continues to support the Anderlecht Football Study Family project in collaboration with the municipality of Anderlecht. "This project fights school absenteeism and helps more than 200 Anderlecht youths develop in the diversity of Brussels." , Anderlecht said.


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