Colruyt to ban exclusive fruit and vegetable bags


Colruyt will gradually ban its disposable fruit and vegetable bags from its stores in June, the distribution group said Tuesday it will save about 150 million sachets annually.

As of June 19, the disposable bags will disappear from the 50 pilot stores, ie "all Bio-Planet stores (29) and some twenty best food stores in Colruyt, OKay, OKay Compact and Spar Colruyt Group in the regions of Lier, Kortrijk, Mons and Dinant".

By the end of October 2019, all the stores in the group will have taken the initiative.

Colruyt will present as a substitute a new model of reusable pouch, at least 100 times, transparent and machine washable. It can support up to four pounds of food.

"Through this commitment, Colruyt Group wants to proactively participate in the launch of a global solution in Belgium to reduce the use of plastic"says the brand, which will offer reusable purses to its customers"Xtra".

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