Charlize Theron tells her disturbing audition with a major producer


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During her first Hollywood audition, the South African actress found herself in a situation that unfortunately was very prevalent for many women.

Almost two years since the Weinstein case broke out and #MeToo continues to spread. New revelation: Charlize Theron featured on the set of the Howard Stern Show on Monday a misadventure she experienced at age 19 during her first audition.

The frightened imitation of Charlize Theron in Hanouna says it all

As she began her career as an actress, she went to meet a producer who promised her a role. She was supposed to meet him at 9 pm and when he opened the door, he was only in his pajamas. The actress says: « We sat down and he came very close to me, it was strange … As we talked, I asked him if he wanted me to play a scene. He said "no, no, we're just going to talk". "

"I was so angry with myself"

It was when the producer put his hand on his knee that Charlize Theron left. The South African actress recounts her feeling when he did this: " It's strange, a lot of girls talk about it, when it happens, you're just shocked, you do not know what to do.. "

I was so angry at myself for not saying anything. I thought, "I'm not that kind of girl, why did not I send her to f *****?"

Charlize Theron's message of anguish, outrageously single

A revenge eight years later

Eight years later, the actress explains that the producer contacted her to propose a role. An opportunity for Charlize Theron to close the cycle and remind him of what he did to him. Faced with this story, the producer could only respond that he simply did not remember it.


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