"By mistake", Facebook aspires 1.5 million e-mail address books


If users enter their password after a request received by email, Facebook will use it to access their contact list and download content to their servers. This recognition comes a few weeks after a user posted on Twitter that Facebook will ask you for the password of your email address while creating your account.

This import would be related to the recently highlighted Facebook authentication method. However, this tool has raised many questions, both about its usefulness, but also about the safety of this method.

Yes, but now the Business Insider newspaper reveals that Facebook it would have "involuntarily" imported the electronic contacts of almost 1.5 million users who have just typed the password of their e-mail to register in the social network.

After the researcher reported this strange discovery on the Business Insider website, Facebook confirmed that this data collection occurred. She stated, however, that the mechanism came from an old system designed to evaluate the user experience, which was replaced in May 2016. In another case, Facebook discussed the removal of user data access to an email application that has become very popular and considered a competitor, according to the documents.

Facebook did not finish admitting or confirming errors in the processing of users' personal data.

Internal documents alleged that the CEO of FacebookMark Zuckerberg oversaw plans to consolidate the power of the social network and control its competitors by treating users' data as bargaining chips while publicly proclaiming that it was protecting such data. Only new registrants since May 2016 potentially affected by such misuse of authorization.


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