Bpost strike: unions call for end of spontaneous actions – Economic Policy


The common front of the unions decided Thursday to suspend the coordinated strike, but some representatives said they understood the spontaneous actions. A sentence misinterpreted according to Marc De Mulder, for who there was no doubt of a call for local strikes.

"It certainly was not the goal," he said on Friday. "On the contrary, we want to create a calm climate so that we can reach a negotiated solution." Same story in ACOD (CGSP): it's time to end spontaneous actions. Although these were first installed in Wallonia, they were scattered at night in the sorting centers of Brussels and Ghent.

"The actions have been proven and I hope management has understood the signal, but we will only get solutions at the negotiating table," Nyns said. "I ask that we be given time and calm to negotiate and reach a comprehensive agreement." A pre-agreement was found earlier in the week but was finally rejected. Next week, the administration and the unions are planning to return to the table. According to Marc De Mulder, there were "many good points" in the pre-agreement.

"We have to go from there," he said. "We need to be able to negotiate with serenity to secure employment and make it attractive again." Management had already called Thursday to terminate spontaneous actions. "I repeat that we are determined to reach a final agreement, respecting the well-being of all workers and allowing enough room to adapt to the expectations of our customers," Van Gerven said.


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