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BMW Motorrad Concept R 18 and R 18/2 on display at EICMA

BMW Motorrad today exhibited at its booth in Milan its two vintage concept motorcycles, namely the R 18 and R 18/2, on the sidelines of its participation in the EICMA 2019 motorcycle world.

The BMW Motorrad Concept R 18 – a purist version inspired by the great boxer's story – was unveiled by the BMW Group at Villa d 'Este Concorso d' Eleganza on Lake Como in early summer. Six months later, at the world's largest motorcycle fair – EICMA in Milan – BMW Motorrad presents its second sensational concept based on a large boxer engine: the BMW Motorrad Concept R 18/2 (pronounced "Slash Two").

It stands out as the stylistic opposite of the Concept R 18: a modern and dynamic custom cruiser, showing a certain appetite for performance with slightly sharper lines. As such, the BMW Motorrad Concept R 18/2 presents another potential expression of the Heritage concept, providing a striking example of the flexibility and numerous customization possibilities offered by the basic architecture. The presentation at EICMA will be exclusively through films and photos.

The BMW Motorrad Concept R 18/2 celebrates the allure of cruisers in a sporty and modern interpretation. The minimalist handlebars and deep, elongated proportions promise a dynamic driving experience. The fairing, fuel tank and seat form a fluid line that finds a perfect fit on the shortened rear bumper. All body elements feature Candy Apple Red Metallic, an expressive red tone that emphasizes smooth sideways movement. This bright red is very deep and catches the eye, ranging from bright red to almost black, depending on the incidence of light. Another striking feature is created by the graphic lines on the painted parts of the body, which extend alongside and above the fuel tank to the wheel cover and visually extend to the seat. They give the Concept R 18/2 a distinct appeal.

The great boxer in the center

Like the Concept R 18, the centerpiece of the BMW Motorrad Concept R 18/2 is a large 1800cc twin boxer engine with modern air / oil cooling designed in 1960s aesthetics. The engine finish is a warm gray and sporty with built-in chest protector, shiny black valve covers and black bezel. The emblem of the mechanism bears the name of the concept as a testimony of exclusivity. After Japanese manufacturer CUSTOMWORKS ZON "departed", Revival Birdcage's "Revival Birdcage" in Austin, Texas, and the BMW Motorrad Concept R 18, the BMW Motorrad Concept R 18/2 is now the fourth interpretation of the BMW Motorrad boxer. .

Attention to the details

As a genuine BMW, the BMW Motorrad Concept R 18/2 features not only a boxer engine, loop frame and teary fuel tank, but also a classic universal axle and sleek design. highlighted. The 19-inch cast-iron wheels at the front and the 16-inch rear wheels give such a discreet and dynamic drag appearance, completing the overall look of the bike, while features like the Brembo High Performance Brake Calipers and Exit System Hattech stainless steel panels reflect the design care of the BMW Motorrad Concept R 18/2.

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