Because of a skull operation, this baby has devil horns on his head


Little Clyne Solano is only 22 months old and must undergo heavy intervention. your physicist in particular, linked to rare disease, gives it the appearance of a little devil.

Your skull is like two horns on the top of your head. Watch the video to find out what illness Clyne Solano is suffering from and how he will cope.

A baby is born with fluid in the skull

This Filipino less than 2 years old was born with hydranencephaly. This is an underdevelopment of the brain, whose cavities were filled with water pockets. Unlike hydrocephalus, people with hydranencephaly do not have cortex because of the limited space left for the brain to develop. Last March, it had to be operated to reduce cranial pressure and remove the fluids that were putting pressure on your brain. Given his young age, his skull still fragile and almost soft, collapsed. From now on, it has a hole in the top of the skull.

After an operation, his skull collapsed

Justine Garatin, her young single mother, fears for the survival of her son. She is afraid that the next operation be fatal to him. "I do not want him to suffer now because I'm afraid my baby will not be strong enough, that's why I have a hard time deciding, if we do not do that, his head will stay like this for the rest of his life. they say they look like devil horns on their heads.For us, there is no doubt, it is an angel.It breaks my heart to see it suffer.

Her mother is reluctant to operate her devil's horns

The operations also cost a lot to the mother who has to take care of her child alone. "To improve this, he needs to restorative surgery. We already sold everything we had for the operation. " Unfortunately, the more she expects, the more bone the baby's deformities continue to grow and form. The first operation, which caused the sagging skull, does not help reassure the mother, who wonders what will happen next time. "We've heard stories of babies with hydranencephaly who lived through adolescence. Clyne is so strong I know he can do it."continues to wait for his mother.

baby horns of demons on the head

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Posted by Nicolas F on Nov 14, 2018


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