Wednesday , October 20 2021

Audi remembers e-tron for battery problem and fire risk


On this side of the Atlantic, the recall reaches just over 1,600 vehicles, most of which have not yet been delivered to customers, Audi USA said in a statement sent to the press and quoted by the magazine. ELECTrek. The German manufacturer has discovered that a seal may be defective, allowing water to penetrate the battery. This could cause a short circuit or, in more serious cases, overheating that could result in a fire (which the company modestly calls the "thermal event"). Five customers consulted their dealers after the yellow battery warning light came on.

The builder identified the problem and vehicles en route to North America no longer have that problem. For the half thousand e-tron already on the road, a repair will be available in August.

Audi USA reports that the recall is preventive and no fire has been reported. The builder says owners can continue to use their e-tron, but if the yellow battery warning light comes on, stop the car, do not recharge it and call your dealer.

At the time of writing this article, Transport Canada's Car Safety Recall database mentioned no booster in Canada.

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