Audi AI: ME, the electric and standalone urban car


Audi unveiled a compact electric car concept with a stand-alone level 4 unit and a winter garden interior.

While Volkswagen arrived at the Shanghai motor show with its incredible concept of electric SUV ID. RoomzzAudi focused on the compact car format of the city with theTHERE : ME. Five doors collected and full-bodied with 4.30 meters in length and 1.90 meters in width. Equipped with a level 4 autonomous driving technology, this concept car was designed primarily as a rolling show that seeks to recreateatmosphere domestic environment, playing with materials, textiles and large electrochromic glass surfaces to brightness.

With a wheelbase of 2.77 meters and a height of 1.52 meters, the Audi AI: ME offers a spacious interior in which you access through doors antagonists. Without a central pillar or tunnel for transmission, it really gives the impression of being in a living room. The backseat suggests a two-seater sofa whose backs fit the walls perfectly. Audi has even incorporated spacers into wood in the area of roof to simulate a pergola where you come to push ivy. According to the manufacturer, the presence of plants accentuates the sense of closeness with nature while helping to purify theair environment.

On-board instruments, including the steering wheel and pedal, retract into the compartments and passengers can interact with the car's information and entertainment features via tactile and voice interfaces, virtual reality to navigate Internet, play or watch a movie, and even detect look.

A ride aboard the Audi AI: ME. © Audi

Future Audi " intelligent and empathetic "

Outside, a network of Led Triangular built-in bodywork will serve both for lighting and visual communication with other road users when AI: ME is running in stand-alone mode. This propulsion is equipped with an electric motor of 125 kW that carries 170 horses fed by a battery of 65 kWh whose autonomy is not indicated.

Audi specifies that the AI: ME is intended for predominantly urban use, for speeds between 20 and 70 km / h. Thanks to aenergy and a relatively low (unspecified) weight, the city would be energetically efficient. " Long distances in terms of kilometers are less relevant than the ability to make good use of runtime "In other words, the Audi AI: ME will not necessarily take us very far, but the journey will be more enjoyable.

Of course, this concept is unlikely to be marketed as it is in the near future. But some ideas and technologies should expand for the future electric rings brand models. Audi promises us that his future models will be " intelligent and empathetic », Able to adapt to your environment and your passengers. A discourse common to all autonomous cars.

What to remember

  • Audi introduced a new electric concept car with autonomous driving.
  • The German manufacturer sought to recreate a domestic environment for the interior of this compact city.

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