At the end of the "photovoltaic bubble"? One text was adopted by Parliament


The plenary meeting of the Walloon Parliament approved Tuesday night the draft decree introducing a new mobilization mechanism to finance in the long term the public service obligation for the purchase of green certificates by the network manager. local transport.

This text provides a "structural and sustainable solution, which will cost nothing to consumers and will definitely solve the problem" of the existing imbalance in the green certificates market, he recalled during Walloon Energy Minister Jean-Luc Crucke's discussions.

Presented by the MR-cdH coalition in mid-September, the mechanism approved on Monday in committee and Tuesday in plenary provides, inter alia, debt-related financing for the system – which, according to Minister Crucke, "risks are today". known and mastered "- is provided by BNP Paribas Fortis by setting up a special vehicle to buy the surplus green certificates from Elia, the operator of the Belgian high voltage network, and cancel them.

The operation will be financed by the issuance of bonuses, accompanied by a "green" seal, and refunded thanks to the Elia surcharge, which will still have to be paid by Walloon consumers for 20 years, through their electricity bill, which PS and Ecolo pointed out in particular.


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