Amazon reveals new Kindle, less aggressive to the eyes


The e-commerce giant has upgraded Kindle Oasis, a sophisticated model of its e-reader.

At first glance, the Kindle Oasis is in all respects similar to the previous version. But the changes brought by Amazon are of a technical nature. The third generation of Oasis now allows you to change the heat of the screen. As we know, an electronic ink screen (for electronic ink) of a reading light is less attractive than the screen of a smartphone. But brightness is still a concern in a dark environment.

That's why this Kindle Oasis offers the ability to adjust the screen temperature and adjust the screen tone from white to amber. As Apple offers on most of its devices, thanks to the "True Tone" option that adapts to the brightness of the environment.

Now you can adjust the white screen's hue to warm up the amber with the ability to program when the light changes for a custom playback experience. Kindle Oasis comes with adaptive front lighting to automatically adjust the brightness of your monitor according to lighting conditions.

For the rest, the new version of Kindle Oasis still offers a 7-inch screen, 300ppi resolution; as well as Bluetooth compatibility (for reading and synchronizing audio books and water resistance (IPX8).

The device is already available for pre-order and will be delivered from July 24. Three models will be proposed:

  • An 8GB version (249.99 euros)
  • A 32GB version (279.99 euros)
  • A 32GB 4G version (339,99 EUR)


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