All trainees will be paid in Luxembourg


Expected for several years, the regulation on internships in business will finally be successful. The Ministry of Labor announced that an agreement was reached with student associations and the Labor Chamber on the Stages Bill.

Like the previous version presented last year, the legislative framework will distinguish the stages in the school curriculum from the voluntary stages to gain experience. The main development to report, all courses of more than one month will be paid, confirmed Labor Minister Dan Kersch to more. A principle claimed by UNEL (National Union of Students of Luxembourg), which did not understand that companies have the option of paying or not the stages of the curriculum.

Internship between bachelor and master

In detail, compulsory work placements will be paid 620 euros per month, or 30% of the unqualified social minimum wage, UNEL specifies. more. The remuneration will be even more interesting for students who undertake a voluntary internship with an increase in gratuity, from 828 euros after four weeks to 1,553 euros from three months of internship.

Another fundamental change is that students will have the opportunity to take an internship between the bachelors and the master. Your remuneration will then be calculated on the minimum wage and the internship period limited to 6 months. However, student associations wanted post-masters to be banned. "Companies will have to offer a real contract because the studies end up largely with a master," concludes Vicky Reichling, UNEL spokesman.

(Thomas Holzer / The Essential)

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