Alien: Isolation returns in digital series – Geeko


The excellent title of Sega and creator Assembly released in 2014 back in a new way. O 20 century Fox revisits Amanda's misadventures Ripley in a digital series.

The Alien saga could come back stronger than ever. In addition to the movie world, Alien also had some success in video games. Many projects are underway to develop your universebe a movie series or video games. On the last point, Fox has just provoked a digital series from the excellent 2014 title, Isolation.

To develop this mini-series of only 7 episodes, the 20 century Fox has regained the cinematographic plans of the game and has added new servants from scratch. What to tell the best story of Ellen's daughter RipleyAmanda, in a new angle.

Remember that Alien: isolation comes alive between the first and second films, Alien, the eighth passenger and Aliens, The Return. Amanda Ripley then you will go to the space station Sevastopol to find out what happened to her mother during her space travel aboard the Nostromo. An investigation that will obviously be mistreated by the presence of an unexpected passenger, the Xenomorph.

The series will be available the evening of February 28 in preview on the website IGN. Meanwhile, here's the trailer for this digital series: watch?v = 2vz8ZVoXTyg


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