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a micro-heart printed in 3D

At the moment, it is at your fingertips, but in the long run, there are many human lives he could save. This micro-heart, created with a 3D printer from human cells, reproduces blood vessels, tissues and cavities. A thumbnail reproduction made in just a few hours. "So far, all the hearts that have been printed were made of synthetic material"says Nadav Noor, a doctoral student at Tel Aviv University (Israel).

Here, the heart is projected from the patient's cells. A revolution. Patients undergoing heart transplantation are exposed to a significant risk of rejection but using the patient's cells, the printed heart would automatically be compatible with the patient. It remains to transform this miniature prototype into a life-size heart that can be grafted. The first tests will be carried out next year on animals. For humans, it will take a decade, scientists say.

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