A girl dies of an allergy to milk with a toothpaste


A girl dies of an allergy to milk with a toothpaste
Posted on April 20, 2019

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We learned from our colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic, an 11-year-old girl died after using a toothpaste containing cow's milk protein. She was allergic to milk.

A toothpaste containing milk proteins

A Californian family lives hours tragically after the death of their daughter allergic to dairy products, died after a severe allergic reaction. Denise Saldate, 11, had a rapid anaphylactic reaction to milk protein from an unexpected source: a prescribed toothpaste.

Mi pasta One is the toothpaste in question and its composition was correctly labeled, unfortunately, neither the mother nor the girl imagined that the product could contain, and did not read the list of ingredients.

The whole Francophone allergic community is in shock and terribly supports the suffering of this family.

Is this toothpaste commercialized in Europe?

We found toothpaste containing milk proteins in Belgium under the Tooth Mousse brand. The products contain a safety card announcing the presence of casein, a milk protein.

These products should be recommended by a dentist.

It is important to report all of your allergies to all your doctors, including your dentist.




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