A big exit to the road to Ben-Ahin: the cop was killed (Huy)


Steve Matterne's co-pilot, Rik Vanless, died on a grand road along the Ben-Ahin stage.

The sixth stage of the Condroz Rally was neutralized in the middle of Saturday afternoon when it was on the go. The seventh pilot who set off on the track, Steve Matterne was behind Skoda Fabia's wheel. The car hit the pole in a special post on the road.

If the pilot was injured, the condition of the co-driver of Rik Vanlessen seemed to be worrisome. There were two ambulances on the spot. The pilot would be unconscious. The direction of the race has not yet been announced, but it has been merged into the office for a long time.

According to the Belgian agency's data, Rik Vanlessen is a death.

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