5 Effective Methods To Permanently Quit Smoking


Patch, erasers, lozenges, you've tried everything to stop smoking, but nothing helps? There are, however, natural methods that will help you stop with nicotine addiction. Here are 5!

1. Aromatherapy

Essential oils are not meant to replace nicotine to help you wean, but will help you calm your anxiety to quit smoking. Combined with a real desire to quit smoking, essential oils offer calming and relaxing virtues. To prepare an effective "anti-tobacco" blend, you'll need 50 drops of marjoram essential oil with shells, an oil that has the power to regulate mood swings. 20 drops of Angélique essential oil, known for its fight against nervous fatigue, anxiety and insomnia. 10 drops of exotic Verbena essential oil that will fill the feeling of lacking and finally 20 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil, which will do a good cleaning of the airways .. You will have a beautiful bottle ready to be applied as soon as feel like quitting: put two drops of this mixture on the wrists and feel until the desire passes you.

2. Sofrology

If you have the urge to quit smoking, but your need to grill one from time to time is stronger than anything, sofrology may be a real solution for you. This method will gradually get you to smoke. If the body's weaning is usually fast, it's the psychological one that makes us take our cigarette often: a little stress causes us to crack, a night of drunkenness in which we just want to decompress and finally our old habit leads back beautiful. Sophrology attacks the psychological. During a session, the smoker is lying down and placed in a state between the conscious and the unconscious without being in total hypnosis. The specialist can then approach the unconscious mechanisms and visualize the patient symbolic images related to tobacco: on the one hand, positive images, to make you want to stop, on the other, negative images, to show you the consequences that this could have you continue to smoke.

3. Hypnosis

The method of hypnosis to stop smoking is a little closer to the sophrology. While various hypnosis techniques can be used to encourage smoking cessation, this technique is designed to help the smoker change the perception of their addictive behavior. Depending on the degree of dependence, the type of dependency, a number of adapted sessions will be required. The smoker is then programmed to stop smoking. All work is to unlearn the patient to smoke. You still need to be very receptive.

4. Acupuncture

Needles against tobacco? If this method is not really validated by science, acupuncture can nonetheless provide you with the well-being and relaxation you need when you quit smoking. In fact, targeting certain acupuncture points helps rebalance the body's energies and makes us feel better. But just like hypnosis and sophrology, these are not miracle recipes that will make you quit if the will is not there.

5. Auriculotherapy

A type of acupuncture, but even more directed, auriculotherapy is, in fact, reflexotherapy of the ear. Specifically, ear receptors are stimulated to eliminate the stress and impulses associated with smoking cessation. WHO recognizes this alternative medicine as effective. It would give 70% of good results. In fact, after a few sessions (one paroirs session is sufficient), receptors claiming nicotine are disabled and the smoker is weaned.

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